Explore natural beauty with Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey. Fuller brows through FUE technique. Effortless beauty, expert procedures. Book your transformation now!

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Discover Natural Beauty: Eyebrow Transplant for Fuller Brows

Eyebrows thinning or missing? Eyebrow Transplant, also known as eyebrow implants, offers a solution through FUE technique. This micro-surgical procedure uses donor hair from the scalp to reconstruct and enhance eyebrows, eliminating the need for daily makeup routines.

Benefits of Eyebrow Transplantation

Bid farewell to sparse eyebrows and unnatural tattooing. Eyebrow Transplantation ensures natural, thicker eyebrows, restoring shape lost over time or due to trends. The procedure can be repeated for desired enhancements.

The Transplantation Process

FUE technique delicately extracts donor hair from the scalp and places single follicular units in precise incisions. No scalpels or stitches are required. Patients regain naturally growing eyebrows without side effects, as the transplanted hair maintains its original growth pattern.

Recovery Period

Donor zone recovery takes 3-5 days. Mechanical contact with transplanted hairs should be avoided initially. For 10 days, refrain from activities causing increased sweating, sauna visits, and prolonged sun exposure. Alcohol and smoking are discouraged. Periodic trimming is necessary as transplanted hair grows to the full length of head hair, ensuring optimal eyebrow aesthetics.

Transform your brows with Eyebrow Transplant and embrace effortless beauty.