Experience the art of Beard Transplant in Turkey. Transform your facial hair with expert FUE techniques for a natural and permanent beard enhancement.

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Achieve Your Desired Beard: Exploring Beard Transplantation

For men desiring a fuller beard, Beard Transplant is the solution. This surgical procedure, using the FUE method, transfers hair from one area to the face for permanent growth. Preparation involves donor area selection and lifestyle adjustments.

Preparation for Beard Transplantation

Before the FUE procedure, medication adjustments and lifestyle changes are essential. Donor area determination and skin extensibility checks are performed by the surgeon. Smoking cessation, alcohol avoidance, and discontinuation of certain medications are crucial preparations.

The Transplantation Process

Under local anesthesia, the surgeon marks the transplantation area and extracts donor material from the back of the head. Grafts are created and inserted into the beard and mustache area with microscopic punctures. The surgeon sets hair follicles at specific angles for a natural appearance. Disinfection follows, and the duration depends on the frequency of follicle installation.

Rehabilitation Period after Beard Transplantation

Donor zone recovery takes 3-5 days. Transplanted follicles root in the first month. Post-procedure precautions include avoiding contact with surfaces and refraining from activities causing increased sweating. Smoking, alcohol, and sun exposure are prohibited. Light sports are permitted after 10-15 days, with sauna and pool visits excluded for the initial 3 weeks.

Permanent Results and Styling Freedom

Beard Transplant offers permanent results, allowing styling flexibility. Patients can shave or shape their new beard as desired. It enhances existing beards, fills bald patches, and provides a natural and permanent look that complements facial hair texture.