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Discover the epic history of Troy with Troy tours. Explore the ancient ruins and learn about the city's rich history. Book now and experience the legendary Trojan Horse.

About Troy

Discover the Epic History of Troy with Troy Tours.

Located in the northwestern part of Turkey, Troy is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. This ancient city is believed to be the setting for Homer's epic poem, the Iliad, and has captivated people for centuries. Troy tours offer an incredible opportunity to explore this legendary city and learn about its fascinating history.

Troy, Canakkale, Turkey

Troy was first settled in the late 4th millennium BCE, and the city was continually inhabited for over 3,000 years. The ancient city was destroyed and rebuilt multiple times throughout its history, with the most famous destruction occurring during the Trojan War in the 12th century BCE. This war is believed to have been fought between the Greeks and the Trojans, and was famously depicted in the Iliad.

Troy tours allow visitors to explore the ancient ruins and learn about the city's rich history. The archaeological site is divided into nine different layers, representing the different periods of the city's development. Visitors can see the remains of the city walls, the ancient city gate, the Roman theater, and the Temple of Athena. The most famous feature of the site is the Trojan Horse, which is a replica of the one used in the Trojan War according to the legend.

In addition to the archaeological site, there are many other attractions in the surrounding area that visitors can enjoy on Troy tours. The nearby city of Canakkale is a popular destination, and visitors can also explore the nearby Gallipoli Peninsula, which is the site of a famous World War I battle.

If you're interested in history and archaeology, Troy tours are a must-visit destination. The ancient city has been a source of fascination for centuries, and visitors can explore the ruins and learn about the city's incredible history. With its stunning archaeological site, beautiful surrounding area, and rich cultural heritage, Troy is truly a unique and unforgettable destination.